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The process of designing and building your own wine cellar all starts with you. We at Custom Wine Cellars Houston take time to listen to every detail of your requirements and understand all your personal preferences and wine storage needs. By knowing how you plan to use your wine storage room, we can create a design that will bring your dream wine cellar into reality.

Combining our extensive experience and craftsmanship and your own style, we can create a custom wine cellar that is distinctive and functional while achieving the ambiance that you want.

Important Elements in Houston Wine Cellar Design

Wine Room Capacity  

It is important to determine the number of bottles that you currently have in your collection and are planning to store in the future. This will eliminate the inconvenience in resizing or replacing your wine racking system when additional storage space is needed.

Type of Wine

How does the type of wine affect the design of your wine cellar? This is because wine bottles differ in sizes- there are standard 750ml bottles and large format bottles such as magnum and champagne bottles. Knowing your bottle sizes will allow your wine cellar designer to incorporate wine rack openings or styles that will accommodate and display them securely and attractively.

Wine Racking 

Wooden Wine Racks

The size of your space, the types of wines, and the theme that you want your wine cellar to have will help determine the wine rack design that will suit your needs. Choose wooden wine racks to achieve an elegant look in your wine cellar. Redwood, mahogany, and pine are the favorite wood species when it comes to durability, beauty, and cost.

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are widely used for installing contemporary custom wine cellar designs. Vintage View wine racks are a popular choice because of their reliability and appeal.

Other features and wine accessories that you want to keep or display in your wine cellar must also be discussed with your designer. Custom Wine Cellars Houston uses wine cellar art and wine barrel carvings to create unique wine cellars.

Cooling System 

Your designer will recommend a climate control system that will best suit your needs and will maintain a clean look in your dream wine cellar. With an efficient wine cellar refrigeration system, wines in your wine cellar will age gracefully.  View the different types of wine cellar refrigeration systems by clicking here.


The wine cellar lighting can enhance or destroy the ambiance of your wines’ resting place. Your choice of lighting must depend on your cellar’s enclosure and how you want your guests to feel when they enter your Houston custom wine cellar.

LED Wine Cellar Lighting – Widely-Used in Houston Texas Wine Cellars

Since your lighting must not give off too much heat, LED lighting is the ideal choice. Use a dimmer switch to control the room’s brightness while maintaining the ideal wine storage temperature.


Many wine collectors opt for stylish wine cellar flooring. Reclaimed wine barrel and cork flooring are among the most popular flooring options. Click here to learn more about wine cellar flooring.

At Custom Wine Cellars Houston, we have the necessary skills and expertise in wine cellar design and construction. View our completed wine room projects in Houston and Chicago at To request a 3D wine cellar design, click here or call us at 866-646-7089.


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