Astounding Design for a Custom Wine Cellar Extension Project in Houston

Wine Cellar Extension Project Houston

Wine Cellar Extension Project Houston

Challenging requirements in building a residential wine cellar will not stop an expert in creating an effective and magnificent design. A homeowner in Houston wanted to build an extension for his existing wine room because of his growing collection. Find out how he was impressed with how Vintage Cellars completed the project.

Wine Cellar Extension Project Successfully Completed

In Houston, a wine collector had an existing wine cellar in his home. Vintage Cellars, one of the most reliable builders the United States, built it in 2008. In 2013, the client sought their help again.  They had to double the size of the wine room.

The owner laid out his specific requirements for the extension project. With their creativity and passion for building wine rooms, Vintage Cellars was able to come up with an efficient wine storage solution.

Exterior View Architectural Requirements of the Wine Cellar

Exterior View of the Houston Home

The home had many rooms with ocean views. The owner did not want to lose the relaxing view from each of these rooms. Vintage Cellars made sure that everything was in their proper places so as not to affect the physical appearance of the house.  They placed the two condensers in an area where  they were hidden.

They concealed the ventilation grills for the hot air exhaust inside the condenser. To maintain a clean look, Vintage Cellars placed the French drain in a planter located on one side. This allowed line sets to be concealed inside.

Vital Elements in Building a Safe Wine Cellar

Wine will not last if stored in a poorly constructed room. To preserve the desirable characteristics of the wine, it must be kept in an area where the conditions are stable. Vintage Cellars care for their client’s wines, so they always make sure that the room’s walls, ceiling, and door have the proper amount of insulation. Additionally, they also install an efficient wine cooling system.

Proper Insulation Will Keep Wines and Cellar Safe

Wine Rack Design Houston

Sapele Mahogany Wine Rack Design

Wine rooms that are cooled by a refrigeration unit must have the correct amount of insulation to ensure that there is no air leaking to and from the cellar. Insulating the walls, ceiling, and door will help stabilize the conditions in the cellar, essential for long-term wine storage.

Without the proper seal, there will be temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels in your wine cellar, which will have a negative effect on the wine’s flavor and aroma. Wine oxidation will occur if the cork shrinks due to too much heat in the room. An oxidized wine tastes like stewed fruit or burnt marshmallow. It also has a brownish or brick orange color.

Insulating the Walls and Ceiling

On this custom wine cellar expansion project in Houston, Vintage Cellars used closed-cell spray foam insulation (5 inches), which can act both as a vapor barrier and as an insulator.

Since the walls and the ceiling are thick, Vintage Cellars must use an insulation with higher R-value (7.7 per inch).   The higher the insulation value, the better the cooling process will be in the cellar. It will also save you money in the end because the higher insulation value will not force your cooling unit to work correctly.

Wine Cellar Door Insulation

Custom Wine Cellar Door Houston Texas Installation

Custom Wine Cellar Door Houston Texas Installation

In addition to the walls and ceiling, the door must also have the correct amount of insulation and must have sealing components to ensure that the perfect wine cellar environment is achieved.

Vintage Cellars uses only exterior grade doors, with 1 ¾” thickness, so they are less prone to warping in humid conditions, which are found in climate-controlled wine rooms.

They also equip each wine cellar door with sealing components to prevent air leakage. For doors with glass panels, they use thermally insulated glass to prevent condensation, which can damage wine.

New Wine Racks Added to Increase the Storage Capacity of the Custom Wine Cellars in Houston

Since the client’s collection was growing, he wanted to increase the storage capacity of his existing wine room.  Vintage Cellars opened up a couple of spaces to meet the owner’s requirements. The entire racking was constructed from Sapele Mahogany, a durable and scent-free wood.

Right Wall

Custom Wine Racks Right Wall

Custom Wine Racks Right Wall

On the first racking (right wall as you enter the cellar), the existing racking consists of bottle openings for individual storage (top section) and diamond bins in the bottom (middle section).

Below the diamond bins, Vintage Cellars added racking with openings intended for large format bottles (as big as 9 liters). Each opening has two coved trays arranged in cascading heights.

Vintage Cellars removed the vertical supports and placed the beam supports across so the unit can bear the weight. The whole racking in the right wall has a solid end panel for added structural stability.

Left Wall

Custom Wine Rack Display Left Wall Houston Installation Project

Custom Wine Rack Display Left Wall Houston Installation Project

Before going into the other area of the custom wine cellar built in a Houston home, you will pass by the left wall, which is considered the focal point of the wine room because of the horizontal theme of the design.

Vintage Cellars incorporated label-forward wine racks, which display the bottles with the labels facing out. These horizontal wine racks can store both standard and large formal bottles. They also provided a place for the client’s mini car collection, wine accouterments, and elegant decanters. This wine rack is 8 ¼” deep with beautiful lighting fixtures and a mirror at the back.

Third Wall

Horizontal Bottle Display and Case Storage Area Houston Wooden Wine Cellar

In the third wall, the racking already had 6 solid backs and 12 coved trays. To increase the storage capacity, Vintage Cellars added custom cabinets with scalloped neck supports. They decided to install large steel supports below the double-deep shelf so the entire racking could bear the heavy load.

The owner usually buys wines in bulk. Vintage Cellars had to find a place for the wine boxes, so they would not occupy the front area of the cellar. There was a wide space below the shelf. They utilized it for organizing the boxes. Every time the client receives wine deliveries, he simply needs to slide the boxes under the shelf.

An Expert Will Build Your Dream Wine Cellar

Challenges are common in wine room constructions. However, when you work with an expert, your dream wine cellar will become a reality. Custom Wine Cellars Houston will design and install the perfect wine display area for your collection. Contact them today at +1 (972) 454-0480.

View more photos of the project below:



Don’t Go for Low-Grade Wooden Wine Racks. Let Custom Wine Cellars Houston Build an Effective and High Quality Storage System for You.

Custom Wine Cellar with Rolling Case Storage

Custom Wine Cellar with Rolling Case Storage

Choosing the wrong material and design for your wine cellar racks can cause a significant expense in the future. To avoid disappointments and a waste of money, it is recommended that you work with a reliable wine rack manufacturer.

Learn why Custom Wine Cellars Houston, a wine storage specialist, recommends wine racks made from Mahogany and Redwood.  

High-Quality Wine Cellar Rack Materials Trusted by Master Builders in Houston

If one of the essential components in wine cellar construction is made of a low-grade material or is not installed properly, the result can be disappointing. Just like the cooling system, flooring, lighting, and insulation, the racking material plays an important role in building a wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars Houston, one of the most trusted wine room experts, has used wood for many of the installation projects they have completed. Two wood species they recommend are Mahogany and Redwood.

Why Use Wood in Your Wine Cellar

Wood is the ideal choice for building traditional wine cellars. This material is known for its many benefits.

One of the reasons many wine collectors in Houston opt for wooden wine racks is its natural beauty. Even when unstained, most wood varieties still look very attractive. They are available in various colors and can be stained according to the owner’s preference.

Mahogany and Redwood are two of the most favorite types of wood in wine rack construction. Learn more about their benefits.


High-Quality Wooden Wine Racks by Houston Master Builders

Sapele Mahogany Wine Racking in Custom Sapele Houston Wine Cellar

Mahogany is commonly found in America and West Africa, but can also be found in other countries like the Philippines. Its color can be grayish, pinkish, reddish, orange, or brownish, depending on where it is grown. Its color gets darker over time.

Its texture is even and smooth and it displays attractive grain patterns (stripe, ripple, blister, ribbon, or mottle). When polished, it exhibits a reddish sheen that adds character to wine cellars in Houston.

Its stability depends on the grain and moisture content of the wood. The timber from Mahogany is very stable because of its close grain pattern and lack of soft grain, which is the wood between the grain lines. It will resist warping and remain stable for many years when kiln dried to reduce the woods moisture content.   

Mahogany wine racks are available in different varieties. Learning about the characteristic of each wood will help you determine the most suitable type for your wine cellar.

Prime Mahogany

Grown in the tropical southern part of Asia, Prime Mahogany is widely used in the cabinetry and furniture building industry because of its natural beauty. It is reddish brown in color, which is striking even when unstained.

It has a tight grain pattern. It is widely used in cabinetry because of its natural beauty. It absorbs finishes and stains easily to complement any home décor. Despite its being a superior dense hardwood, Prime Mahogany is more affordable compared to other Mahogany species.

Sapele and Amber Blaze Mahogany

Wine Racking in Custom Sapele Wine Cellar

Sapele Mahogany Wine Racking in Custom Sapele Houston Wine Cellar

Superior stability is one of the outstanding properties of Sapele Mahogany. It has gorgeous grain patterns that make wooden wine racks constructed from this material eye-catching.

This is the ideal option for Houston wine enthusiasts who want scent-free racking units. Some wood species have scent that can affect the quality of the wine.

Utilizing Amber Blaze Mahogany for your racking can turn a room into a stellar wine cellar. Although it is more expensive than the other Mahogany species, Amber Blaze offers maximum durability.  

Wine racks constructed from this wood exhibit a dark reddish tone when unstained. Custom Wine Cellars Houston offers custom stain options to give your wooden wine racks a vibrant and luxurious appeal.

Philippine and Honduran Mahogany

In Southeast Asia, Philippine Mahogany is a popular wood choice for building furniture. It is also known as Lauan or Meranti.

Wine racks constructed from this wood exhibit a grayish color and warm appearance. There is a variety of this Mahogany species that differs in appearance strength, and working properties.

The Honduran Mahogany (known as Genuine or Big-Leaf Mahogany) has a rippling grain pattern and exhibits a distinctive orange color. It has moderate clusters and a medium texture. Its grain patterns can be wavy, interlocked, straight, or irregular. It is softer than Mexican Mahogany but harder than Philippine Mahogany.



Houston Wine Cellar Racks All Heart Redwood

Commonly found in California and the coasts of Oregon, Redwood is the type of wood that will add aesthetic appeal to your wine racks. With a natural reddish tone, your wine cellar will have an impressive rustic appeal. Redwood has burl clusters, which are rarely found in other types of hardwood.

When it comes to durability, Redwood is a great option. Because of its natural preservatives, there is no need to apply stain on the wine racks for them to become durable. Expect your wine racks to remain standing even when your walls or ceilings were infected with mildew, insects, or decay.

Additionally, Redwood wine racks are suitable for installation in wine cellars equipped with a climate control system because it can withstand the humid conditions.

Clear All Heart and Premium Redwood


Custom Racking Design Houston Home Wine Cellar Premium Redwood

The resiliency of Clear All Heart Redwood to warping, shrinking, and rot, make it a favorite material in the building industry. Expect a more lustrous reddish tone as the wood ages. This material, which comes from the core of the redwood tree, is the finest grade of Redwood.

See one of the elegant home wine cellars built by Custom Wine Cellars Houston with All Heart Redwood custom wine racks: Flower Mound, Texas Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

If you prefer a lighter color in your wine cellar, Premium Redwood will satisfy your needs. This wood variety is characterized by purple, pink, and white swirls and streaks.

Custom Wine Cellars Houston has been using Premium Redwood for years in manufacturing custom wine racks both for residential and commercial applications.

Let an Expert Build High Quality and Attractive Wine Racks for Your Collection

Don’t settle for a low-grade wine rack material. Let Custom Wine Cellars Houston assess all of your needs and requirements to help determine the ideal wood option for your collection. Please don’t hesitate to contact them today at +1-800-876-8789.

How a Small Staircase in a Dallas Home Turned Into a High-End Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project

Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project

In Dallas, Texas, an odd-shaped room under an open staircase was converted into a modern wine cellar, which was designed and installed by Wine Cellar Specialists. Find out more about the racking system and the wine cooling unit used on this project.

Contemporary Design for a Space Beneath the Staircase

When building a wine cellar, the important factors to consider are safety and aesthetic appeal. To create a wine storage space that can protect wine from external factors, the room must be well-insulated. To achieve a visually appealing wine cellar, your chosen builder must design your racking system with creativity and uniqueness.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top-notch dealers in wine room construction, always want every client to have the safest area for their wine. They also see to it that every wine cellar design complements the owner’s home and exudes stunning beauty.

One of their customers in Dallas, who lives in a condo with a modern theme, sought their help for a wine room project. The client wanted to use the space under the staircase to build a functional wine display that would match the contemporary feel of the condo. The stairs, which were open in-between, have steps that were made from bamboo. Under the bamboo landing were steel beams.

3-Dimensional Drawings

3D Drawing Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar ProjectWhen you work with Wine Cellar Specialists, they will assess all of your needs and requirements, which enables them to create the stellar wine room design. After a careful assessment, they will provide a free CAD design package, which contains black and white drawings.

The images show the different elevations and plan views to provide the owner a better visualization of the completed wine room. On this wine cellar installation project in Dallas, the owners wanted everything in glass, brushed aluminum, and gray color like the steel beams of the staircase.

Wine Cellar Specialists created 3-dimensional colored drawings, for a small fee, to provide the client clear choices. There were three options for the wall colors and backer boards. They opted with brushed aluminum pegs, Alumasteel backer boards, and gray walls.

When you look at the drawings below, you can see that the racking is only 1-bottle deep racking. Later on, the customer opted for 2-bottle deep.

Extraordinary Wine Display for a Contemporary Home

To match the glass below the stair rails, Wine Cellar Specialists used a dual pane glass with a slight tint. The clad framing was made from brushed aluminum. Frosted glass was used for the ceiling to prevent the stairs from showing through.

Metal Wine Rack System Using Pegs

Ultra Peg System on AlumaSteel Backerboards Dallas Installation

Ultra Peg System on AlumaSteel Backerboards Dallas Contemporary Wine Display

Metal wine racks have been a popular choice for both residential and commercial wine cellars because of their sleekness.

Whether you are living in a traditional or contemporary home, these wine racks can easily match any existing décor in your space.

If you want to display your collection in a metal racking system, you can go with a wall mounted or stand-alone racking.

On this project, Wine Cellar Specialists used the wall mounted Ultra Peg system, a wine storage solution that stores and displays bottles with style.

Features and Advantages of the Ultra Peg System

Front View Dallas Custom Wine Display Drawing

The pegs are made from a durable and lightweight material. They are also highly resistant to corrosion and pressure tested under actual wine cellar conditions.

For this home wine cellar in Dallas, double-deep Ultra Peg wine racks were installed to maximize the space under the stairs.

This type of racking stores the bottles horizontally with labels facing out so that the owner can find a specific type of wine quickly. The pegs were manufactured from brushed aluminum.

There is no need to worry about a bottle slipping out because each peg has rubber O-rings that keep them in place. The Alumasteel panels, which are hung on the back wall, have a color of metal somewhere between aluminum and stainless steel.

The backer boards were pre-drilled at the factory before the installation of the Ultra Peg System on site.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

A stable environment in a wine cellar can be achieved if an efficient wine cooling system is installed in it. Your refrigeration unit plays an important role in preventing temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels. Without it, wine will deteriorate easily, resulting in a waste of investment.

If you are not sure what type, brand, and size of wine cooling system to use, it is best to seek the help of an expert. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they help you choose a refrigeration unit that suits your functional and financial requirements.

Installation of Cooling Equipment for a Modern Home Wine Cellar in Dallas

Split Wine Cooling System WM8600 Wall Mount

Efficient Split Wine Cooling System WM8600 Wall Mount

Wine Cellar Specialists installed a cooling system that fits between the studs on the left wall. They needed to build out the wall a bit for them to add 3”of foam behind the cooling unit. The compressor was placed opposite the wine cellar in the courtyard.

They had to run the lines down the inside of the adjoining elevator shaft. They created a soffit on the lower level to run the lines across and out to the courtyard because the client didn’t want their ceiling to be cut or patched up.

Another challenge encountered by Wine Cellar Specialists in the installation of the cooling system was the irregular height of the drain line. What they did was to install a condensate pump that was placed within the refrigeration unit.

Refrigeration System from a Trusted Manufacturer

The cooling unit was installed at the end of the left wall. The perfect choice to stabilize the wine cellar environment in this Dallas condo was the WM6600 unit from US Cellar Systems. The largest size single wall mount unit was needed because there was a large amount of glass in the cellar.

The unit, which was made of galvanized silver metal, was mounted vertically between the wall studs. Wall mounted cooling units are ideal for tiny wine rooms and are easy to install. It is equipped with a temperature sensor and digital thermostat.

Wine Cellar Specialists coated it in a powder color to complement the wall paint and the steel beams of the staircase.

A Modern Residential Wine Room can be Yours

If you are in the Dallas area and are planning to start your wine cellar conversion project, Wine Cellar Specialists can help you. Contact them today at +1 972-454-0480.

Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists – Winner of Star Awards 2015


How a Tiny Space Under the Stairs was Transformed into an Elegant Texas Home Wine Cellar

If you are a homeowner who is serious about wine collecting, you must find a place where you can store and display your prized wines safely and beautifully. What if you don’t have a big room for your wine cellar project? See how a master builder converted a tiny room under the stairs into an impressive custom wine cellar in Texas

An Odd-Shaped Room Under the Stairs was Transformed into a Beautiful Wine Cellar

Texas Racking Design Curved Racks with Led Lighted Wine Cellar Display

Texas Racking Design Curved Racks with Led Lighted Wine Cellar Display

Some wine collectors are having a dilemma finding a suitable place for their prized collection. Nowadays, master builders can transform a room of any size and shape into a magnificent wine storage space.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our partners in wine room construction, has been providing innovative storage solutions in Texas and Chicago. They are known for their creativity, quality products, and excellent service.

Recently, they created a perfect wine room design for a homeowner in Dallas.

Impressive Wine Cellar Design for a Tiny and Odd-Shaped Room

Challenges are a common part of building a wine storage area. With extensive experience as a wine cellar building company, Wine Cellar Specialists often converts irregular spaces into elegant wine displays.

With this project, Wine Cellar Specialists had to convert a space under the staircase into a stunning home wine cellar. The room was small and had a curved shape. This did not hinder them from building a functional and attractive custom wine room.

They incorporated eye-catching styles of racking into the design using high quality and gorgeous wood materials. They installed an efficient wine cellar cooling system to ensure that the perfect environment is achieved for proper wine aging.

Custom Wine Rack Features

Your racking design plays a major role in creating an attention-grabbing wine display. The type of wine rack material is also important as it affects the quality and appeal of your cellar.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they take a careful assessment before creating 3-dimensional drawings of their client’s wine room. This helps them determine the features that will be incorporated into the wine cellar design according to the shape and size of the room, budget, and the client’s personal preference.

Texas Residential Custom Wine Cellar Rack Front Elevation

Texas Residential Custom Wine Cellar Rack Front Elevation

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Drawing Isometric Front View

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Drawing Isometric Front View

Left Wall (Elevation A)

Grill Cover Hides the Split Cooling System Texas Wine Cellar

Wooden Grill Cover Hides the Split Cooling System Texas Wine Cellar

When you enter the wine room, the wall to your left consists of a short racking. It is 3.7 feet in height, with a solid X bin at the bottom and individual bottle storage rack above it.

A tabletop was added to provide space for decanting and serving wine. It is a Cooperage style tabletop, which was made from planks taken from the outer portion of wine barrel’s head. Since no two barrels have the same markings on the head, each plank is unique. The markings indicate the original content of each barrel.

The space above the left wall wine rack was intended for the cooling unit, which was concealed in a wooden grill to make it look a part of the racking.

Back Wall (Elevation B)

Knotty Alder Racking Right End Wall Texas Home Wine Cellar

Knotty Alder Racking Right End Wall Texas Home Wine Cellar

The back wall is the long and curved area of the Texas home wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists installed true radius wine racks with storage slots for 750 ml bottles.

There is a high reveal display row that runs along the middle section. It allows the owner to showcase some of his favorite wines at a 15-degree angle.

This bottle orientation will ensure that the cork remains in contact with the wine to prevent it from becoming brittle. The drying out of the cork can cause wine oxidation, resulting in unpleasant flavors in the wine.

The display row is illuminated by LED ribbon lighting. LED lights are known to be safe for your wines because they have low heat emission. Too much heat exposure can alter wine’s chemical properties, resulting in spoilage.

The LED lighting system also consumes less energy compared to regular bulbs, so you can expect lower electric bills.

Right Wall (Elevation C)

The shortest wine rack was installed on the right end wall of this Texas home wine cellar under the stairs. It has a height of 3.25 feet. The top section consists of a horizontal display rack for one magnum bottle or two standard bottles. The bottom section has three wood case solid bins for bulk storage.

Gorgeous and Durable Wood Material for Wine Racks

Wine racks manufactured from wood add a classic appeal to your wine cellar. The type of wood chosen can easily match any existing décor in your home, making it a favorite choice of wine collectors. With various wood options available, it is best to seek the help of a wine storage expert, like Wine Cellar Specialists.

Reclaimed wine barrel cellar tabletop Texas master builders

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Cellar Tabletop Texas Master Builders

On this project, they used Knotty Alder to add a rustic touch to the wine cellar. This type of wood exhibits small knots and attractive burl clusters that add character to the storage racks.

Additionally, Knotty Alder is durable, versatile, and highly resistant to rot.

The client requested the wooden wine racks to be applied with lacquer for a lustrous finish.

Ideal Wine Cellar Cooling System for a Tiny Space in a Texas Home

WM Cooling Unit Texas Home Wine Cellar Project

WM Cooling Unit Texas Home Wine Cellar Project

You can’t just use a home air conditioner to cool your wine room. It is not designed to create the optimum conditions needed by wine to preserve its complex taste and aroma.

To prevent wine deterioration, it needs to be stored in a room where the temperature is between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level between 60-70 percent. This can be achieved only if an efficient wine refrigeration system is installed in your wine cellar.

A ductless split wine cooling unit from US Cellar Systems was used for this project. With this type of cooling equipment, the condenser is placed outdoors and must be covered with a housing to protect it from weather conditions.

This manufacturer has been providing reliable cooling solutions both for residential and commercial applications.

See more types and brands of refrigeration systems offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

A Small Room Can Provide a Space for Your Dream Wine Room

With expertise and creativity, Wine Cellar Specialists Texas can build a stunning wine display area for your collection, even in a small space. What are you waiting for? Contact them today at +1 (972) 454-0480.


Beautiful Transformation of an Office into a Gorgeous Texas Home Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

Are you a wine lover who has an unused space in your home? Why don’t you convert it into a storage space for your wines? Nowadays, wine cellar conversions are in demand in many parts of the world. Checkout the residential wine cellar and tasting room designed and installed by Wine Cellar Specialists in Texas.

An Office Space Transformed into a Stunning Wine Cellar with Tasting Room

Texas custom wine cellar installation

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Installation

You can build your dream wine cellar in a garage, closet, or in a space under the staircase. You must hire an experienced designer and installer of Texas wine rooms to ensure that every component suits all of your functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted wine room builders, has recently completed an installation project in Flower Mound, Texas.

The client had a room that was meant to be used as an office space. They seldom use it, so they decided to convert it to into a storage room for wine. It had green walls, built in cabinets, and large windows.

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated custom features to give character to the cellar. To add functionality to the storage facility, they built an adjoining wine tasting room.

Let us learn more about the wine racks, cooling unit, and other features that make this wine room a unique and safe place for aging wine and entertaining friends.

Wine Rack Styles and Material

Your wine storage space must be designed creatively to add beauty to your home. The style and construction material of your wine racks are factors that affect the visual appeal of your home wine cellar. Your racking system must be made from a durable, strong, and flexible material.

Gorgeous Bottle Orientations

left  front custom wine racks Texas residential wine  cellar

Left Front Custom Wine Racks Texas Residential Wine Cellar

In this Texas custom wine cellar, Wine Cellar Specialists combined various racking styles. The left and right sidewalls consist of solid diamond bins at the bottom section and single bottle storage racks at the top.

There is a high reveal display row at the middle of the racking. This racking style highlights some of the owner’s bottles at a 15-degree angle, allowing the cork to be in contact with the wine.

It is important to keep the cork moist to prevent it from shrinking and becoming brittle. The cork should be able to maintain its elasticity to prevent an unwanted amount of oxygen to mix with the wine. Oxidation occurs when the cork dries out. Oxidized wine has an unpleasant taste and smell.

The back wall was designed with a solid arch at the center. To add more character and flair to the room, Wine Cellar Specialists installed a puck light above the arch.

Magnum size bottles can be stored in horizontal wine racks that are located above the solid arch. There are individual storage slots and high reveal display rows on both sides of the arch.

A tabletop lines the middle section of the back wall. It is made from the wine infused side  reclaimed wine barrels. Since the planks were stained by the wine that was once stored in the barrel, the tabletop shows a reddish color. The tabletop adds more space for storing a few bottles and for decanting and serving wine.

The bottom section consists of double deep X bins and six rolling case storage slots. The rolling cases allow for easy access to the cases placed at the back of the area.

Choice of Wood for the Wine Racks

Known for its many benefits, wood is a favorite wine rack material of residential owners. It is naturally beautiful and can complement the existing theme of a home.

Wine Cellar Specialists used All Heart Redwood for this lovely Texas custom wine cellar. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this wood is popular for its durability and flexibility. Its natural wood preservatives make it highly resistant to decay, molds, and shrinkage.

View another custom wine room installed with Redwood wine racks.

Wine Tasting Room and Bar Area Added Functionality to the Texas Custom Wine Cellar

Home Bar Area Texas Custom Wine Cellar Installation

Home Bar Area Texas Custom Wine Cellar Installation

If you have a large wine storage space, adding a wine tasting room and bar area is recommended. This feature provides a nice entertainment area and wine tasting party venue.

The Home Bar

Home Bar Upper cabinets Texas Tasting Room Design

Home Bar Upper Cabinets Texas Wine Tasting Room Design

A home bar area was installed in the right wall of the room. It is made from Knotty Alder, one of the most sought-after wood varieties when building furniture.

The topmost section of the home bar consists of four solid cabinets. The middle section has a lighted cabinet with a front door made of glass.

On each side of this cabinet is a 3-level open shelf.  The bottom sections are intended for the glassware.

A 3036 model built-in refrigerator by Uline was installed at the center bottom of the home bar, with cabinets on each side. The cabinets have adjustable shelves inside.

Wine Cellar Specialists added two drawers above the built in refrigerator, and an Infusion style tabletop made from reclaimed wine barrels. They supplied all the handles and knobs for the home bar and the wine cellar.

The walls and ceiling were designed with a Stonecoat material. Stonecoat is made from crushed limestone. It is blown into the surface, hand carved, and colored to create a gorgeous stone effect. At the center of the ceiling is a Nico style chandelier, which is 30” in diameter.

Custom Entryway to the Wine Tasting Room and Cellar

Texas wine cellar door made from iron gate and glassWine Cellar Specialists offers various styles of doors for wine rooms. In choosing an entryway, they make sure that it suits the aesthetic desires of the owner. They also see to it that it is sealed properly.

The entrance to the tasting room and bar area is a double gate made from ornate wrought iron with an eyebrow arch. It has a grapevine design and oil rubbed bronze finish. Wine Cellar Specialists supplied the lock and handle set. Stonecoat material was also used on the ceiling and on all the walls around the door.

The door to the wine cellar was constructed from Knotty Alder and glass panels. On each side are windows of the same size.  It is equipped with proper sealing components such as weather stripping and an automatic door bottom. These sealing components will help regulate the conditions in the wine cellar.

Turn Your Space into an Elegant Wine Room

If you want to convert a room into a Texas custom wine cellar, contact Wine Cellar Specialists. They can create an impressive design for your wine storage display. Call them today at +1 (866 ) 646-7089 or email them at