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Stop Leak Used to Seal a Freon Leak in a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

M&M Cellar Systems repairs a leaking wine cellar cooling system in Irvine, Orange County, California. A stop leak was used to effectively seal the porous leak.

Refrigerant Leak Sealed by HVAC Team from M&M Cellar Systems

We’re now back to where we got the unit and put it back together. I’ve got the unit closed up again and I was able to find the leak at the bottom of the unit there mostly. It’s not something I can physically fix like I was thinking, only because there are porous leaks. So it’s almost like refrigerant seeping through. It is common with wine refrigeration equipment, because of the amount of humidity that the equipment works with. So what we’re going to do next to proceed and fix and remedy the problem is we’re going to add an additive to the system. When adding those additives, it seals very small leaks normally found in the evaporator coils. If it was a weld or something that came off, then I would be welding it right now. But it’s not. So the way to address is to add a stopper.
So the leak isn’t in one of the tubes that go into it? The pipes that go into it? The leak is actually where?
It’s actually all around the copper. So it’s not in a specific point. It’s multiple locations.
Unfortunately, I cannot take heat directly on to that area because of the fence are made of aluminum and copper
But the copper where you’re saying the leak is, what part of the system is it?
This is the evaporator coil.
So it’s actually in the coil. Is that where the leak is?
Correct. So it’s not in a component or an exterior part of the coil or outside the coil. It’s actually within the coil area. The coil area consists of fence and two going out from side to side. And fence, aluminum fence, that go up and down, which is where the heat transfer happens. This is where all the heat get absorbed and transferred, carried over by the refrigerant.
So to fix it, where going to…
So to fix it, what I’m going to have to do is I’m going to have to add a stop leak. It’s a dye. It’s a substance. It comes in a can usually. You got to be careful when adding those type of substances to the equipment because you have to make sure that it’s set up for the right tonnage. In other words, the capacity of the equipment. You don’t want to put it in a bottle like that’s due a large system, because you can clog up the equipment. You can have a failure.
So it’s important just to get the right balance so that…
It’s important to get the right can.
And how are you going to add it? Are you going to add it to the…
That is added in the condensing unit…
Which is outside…
Which is outside. So we’re going to go back up there. We’re going to be adding the Freon first. The stop leak’s going to be the last thing we add to the system before we put the system back online and get it running.
And what is the likelihood is that that will fix the problem?
For something like this about 50%…
About 50% chance that…
Chance that it’ll repair the leak.
And if it doesn’t?
And if it doesn’t, then we will find out in a month when we do the follow up based on the Freon level if it’s leaked or not. So until then we won’t really know but in comparison to replacing the equipment, this gives you the opportunity to save a lot more by using the remedy.
So this is basically, “try the stop leak, and if that fixes it, great. If it doesn’t, then the unit will actually have to be…”
If it fixes, then you can get another 5 or 10 years depending… I have had good… I would say that in most cases when I’ve used it, 9% of the times that I’ve used it I haven’t had any problems.
But if it doesn’t work?
But if doesn’t work, then we’re back to the original problem, which at the point we’ll have to replace the evaporator coil.
Alright, cool! So you’re saving the clients some money, hopefully!
Hopefully we can save the customer some money here and get away from trying to replace the unit right now.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Service Call M&M Los Angeles – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part Three

In part three of this service call video series we discuss the nature of the leak and what we need to do to fix it. We talk about the process for adding “stop leak” to the wine cellar refrigeration systems and why we use it. M&M Cellar systems are based in Los Angeles in California.

Wine Cellar Spec and US Cellar Systems Build an Ideal Wine Storage Solution in Texas

Wine collectors in Texas want the best wine storage solution to keep their investment safe. When it comes to storing wine and allowing it to age properly, there is no better place than a custom wine cellar with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit installed. Learn about an effective wine storage solution built in Texas by Wine Cellar Specialists and US Cellar Systems.


US Cellars and WIne Cellar Spec

Unique Wine Cellar in Mansfield, Texas by Wine Cellar Spec and US Cellars

A Good Wine Cellar Designer and Builder and a Trusted Wine Cellar Cooling System Manufacturer

Wines are an investment that needs to be protected. To protect them, you need to store them in the ideal conditions. These conditions are adequately met in a residential custom wine cellar that has a wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. Two of the most trusted companies when it comes to building wine storage solutions in Texas are Wine Cellar Specialists and US Cellar Systems.

1. Wine Cellar Specialists – Wine Cellar Designer and Builder in Texas

There are many wine cellar designer and builders in Texas, and Wine Cellar Specialists is one of the most trusted. Wine Cellar Spec has a good reputation of building beautiful, durable and functional wine cellars, whether for residential or commercial purposes. They are well-known for delivering customer satisfaction, because they always make sure that their designs meet their clients’ storage needs, style preferences, and budget. Wine Cellar Spec offers consultation services for their clients on an individual basis, and their consultants are willing to work alongside their clients from the design phase of a wine storage project up to its completion.

2. US Cellar Systems – Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Provider in Texas

There are many types and brands of wine cellar cooling units on the market, but not all of them are efficient and suitable for your custom wine cellar. Each wine cellar has different storage requirements, and therefore, each one needs a different kind of wine cellar cooling unit. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted wine cellar cooling systems manufacturers in Texas because, not only do they provide quality cooling units, but also provide a wide array of options, so that you can choose the right unit that can appropriately meet your wine storage needs. US Cellar Systems also offers installation and maintenance services.

Wine Cellar Spec and US Cellar Systems Team Up for a Project in Texas

Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Dallas, Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists and US Cellar Systems have teamed up many times to create effective wine storage systems, and one of their most successful projects was a residential custom wine cellar built in Mansfield, Dallas, Texas. In this project, Wine Cellar Spec converted an unused closet under a staircase into a one-of-a-kind wine storage room. Here are some of the features of this unique home wine cellar:

Wine Cellar Specialists can build custom wine racks to meet the storage needs of any wine cellar. In this particular wine cellar, Wine Cellar Spec built racks that were customized to fit the unconventional curved walls of the closet room. For aesthetic appeal, the wine rack designers made the racking look seamless by minimizing the use of joints and screw holes. Mahogany was the wood of choice for the racking, and a rustic stain and lacquer was applied to enhance its beauty.

Lattice horizontal display racks were built and installed along the straight walls of the room. They are connected by a mini quarter round wine rack to the center area of individual 750 bottles slots, with a display reveal row with a true radius curve. The wine racks end at the lower end, with a horizontal rack that tops off a lattice X bin, with lattice case storage at the bottom.

2. Beautiful Wine Cellar Flooring

When building a custom wine cellar, one of the things that should be given importance is the wine cellar flooring. The flooring plays an important role in keeping the temperature and humidity in the wine storage room constant. Also, its design contributes greatly to the overall appearance of the wine cellar.

There are many kinds of materials that can be used for wine cellar flooring. One of the most popular kinds is reclaimed wine barrel. Reclaimed wine barrels have 3 basic parts: stave, infusion, and cooperage. The stave refers to the sides of the barrels. This part has indentations caused by the metal hoops that used to be attached to them. The infusion refers to the inside of the barrels, that have been stained by the wines that used to be stored in them. The cooperage, which is the part used for this particular wine cellar project’s flooring, refers to the wine barrel heads, where the original stamps and markings are printed. These stamps and markings added character to the overall wine cellar design. The flooring is the feature that the client loved most in the cellar.

3. Unique Wine Cellar Door

A wine cellar door is not only an entry way to the wine storage room. It is also essential for keeping the room secure and keeping the temperature and humidity stable. Also, it adds beauty the overall design of the wine cellar.

For this wine cellar project in Texas, the wine cellar builders made a purpose-built wrought iron wine cellar door. The door also had operable glass, so that the client can easily clean and maintain it. Moreover, a Venetian View design was included with copper mist color and an oil-rubbed bronze Saratoga handset.

4. Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

No wine cellar can provide the ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage on its own. They need to have a wine cellar cooling unit installed. An efficient refrigeration unit is one that not only provides the ideal conditions, but is also able to maintain them. Also, each wine cellar has different storage requirements, and it is imperative that you find out what these are so that you can choose the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit for yours.

For the under-the-staircase residential custom wine cellar, US Cellar Systems provided an RM2600 ductless split refrigeration system. The cooling unit was placed hanging from the ceiling, with the airflow directed downward. The unit was also placed in wooden housing made from Mahogany, which had a rustic stain and lacquer. Mahogany was used so that the unit could be concealed to match the wine racking design.

Ductless split type refrigeration systems are ideal for small spaces, because they do not occupy a lot of space. This type of cooling system is also a popular choice because it is not noisy.