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Texas White Rock Lake Project Contemporary Wine Cellars Designs

Texas White Rock Lake Project Contemporary Wine Cellars Designs (A Processed Video Transcription)

Plan of White Rock Lake Dallas Texas Contemporary Wine Cellar

Here at Wine Cellar Specialists, not only do we do traditional wine cellars but contemporary wine cellars as well. What you’re looking at is a plan of a contemporary wine cellar that we completed recently in the White Rock Lake area of Dallas, Texas.


Iron Dividers Placed Inside the Wine Cellar Dallas Texas White Rock Lake

This is the drawing for the iron that we did for the 2 sidelights and the door. This is the front section of the wine cellar.

Here are some dividers that we put inside the wine cellar. You’ll see that later. We have a lip on the dividers that hides the LED ribbon lighting


Metal Wine Racking System Dallas Texas

(photo on the left) This is the rack system or the rack drawing. We’re showing 3 rows of racks between each of the dividers, going for the ceiling starting 6 inches from the floor and 6 in from the ceiling.

Moving on to the photos of the completed White Rock Lake Are Dallas TX custom wine cellar, you’ll see this is a beautiful cellar; all the iron work in the front, the iron dividers, showing the LED tape lighting behind and our Vintage View wall-mounted wine racks.

Beautiful White Rock Lake Are Dallas TX Contemporary Wine Cellar

This cellar has LED recessed lighting in the ceiling that is dimmable, as well as the LED lighting that is dimmable shining toward the racks.

We used an HS4600 ducted split wine cooling system which has supply and return vent in the ceiling to cool the cellar. The unit has the vents going down through the walls and underneath to the floor, under the floor, to the cross face below where the system actually sits.

WHITEROCK DOOR OPENWe used closed cell foams in the walls and ceiling, and we’re going to show you a few more pictures here of the cellar. This is when the door is open, and the vintage view racks exposed on the wall.

WHITEROCK WC2Here you can see a little better; the lighting is shining toward the bottle from the dividers. This is another view of the right side of the cellar (through the glass).

(photo below) This is the handle and lock. We chose a handle that matched all the other handles in their home. Another bottle views here and back to our main photograph of the complete wine cellar.

Dallas TX Wine Cellar Door and Lock

This is a beautiful contemporary wine cellar at White Rock Lake area of Dallas, Texas. Give us a call at Wine Cellar Specialists in order for us to design and install your own wine cellar, whether it is contemporary or traditional. We work with people all across the nation.



Mahogany Wine Racks – Widely Used in Texas Wine Cellars

MAHOGANYFor your superb collection of fine wines, beautifully crafted wine racks are definitely a must. Because of the ever growing popularity of wine collecting, there are is wide variety of wine rack designs to choose from. It ranges from sleek and modern to classic and elegant. There are plenty of materials to choose from too- metal and wood are the most popular ones. However, nothing beats wooden wine racks for that sophisticated, old world charm.

Pine, redwood, oak, and mahogany are among the most popular wood species used in wine racking systems of Texas wine cellars. If you’re going for a more classic, sophisticated, and elegant look for your custom wine cellar, you can’t go wrong with mahogany.

How Mahogany Wine Racks can Benefit You

First of all, mahogany has a certain warmth and character that you notice upon first glance. Its pinkish color ages over time, which means that it develops into a deep reddish-brown tone.

Its grain pattern is usually straight and it absorbs and deflects ambient light, which causes the wood to give off a rich glow. Choosing mahogany as a wine rack material will create impeccable beauty in every Texas wine cellar.

Mahogany Wine Racks – Texas Wine Cellars 

Furthermore, mahogany is a very heavy type of hardwood, thus wine racks constructed from this wood species are very sturdy and stable.

Other types of wood are more prone to dents and bumps. Mahogany wine racks are a very good choice for someone who is looking to store wines for a long time and is looking for a wine rack that will perform its function as the wine ages.

Mahogany’s wood is also resistant to decay and moisture, adding to its durability and longevity. Also, mahogany can take stains and finishes better than most other wood species out there. This allows the wood to be stained and finished without compromising its quality.

So, when picking out a wine storage rack, it’s crucial that you look at its durability, sturdiness, and of course, its aesthetic attributes. While some of the more trendy ones in the market pack in a lot of wow factor, check if they are built to last. Most of them are just nice to look at and are easily damaged or destroyed.

In this regard, mahogany is a classic and very ideal choice for Texas custom wine cellars. It combines both the longevity you need in order to age your wines for any length of time and a timeless beauty that will not fade in the passing of the years.

Wine Cellar Specialists is a professional Texas wine cellar builder. If you need help in choosing the right wine rack design for your residential or commercial wine cellar, contact them at 866-646-7089 or visit their website at

Wine Cellar Specialists Build Wine Cellars Dallas Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists Build Wine Cellars Dallas Texas (A Processed Video Transcription)


Climate Controlled Wine Cellars Dallas Texas by Wine Cellar Specialists

Before Photo of Wine Cellars Dallas Texas Project

Before Photo of Wine Cellars Dallas Texas Project

Common in many homes that I see today is that the builders installed what they call a wine room.  The problem is that this room is not a climate controlled wine cellar and was not built to be climate controlled.

If the home owner wants to store their wine long term, the only thing that can be done is to start over.  The room I’m about to show you started out this way.  It is approximately 5ft x 5ft and has about 10-foot ceiling height.  The before photos are not the greatest, but they do show what we have to begin with.

The wine racks are all diamond bins on top with cabinets below.  There was an iron gate for a door.  The cabinets below were really wasted storage space because they are not meant for wine storage.

Wasted Space Above the Racks of the Old Room

Wasted Space Above the Racks of the Old Room

Above the wine racks was more wasted space – a large molding and racks that did not go to ceiling height and more cabinets on the back wall below.  Here you can see all of that wasted space above, and more wasted space for wine racks could go on the right wall.   A regular lighted sconce is centered on the right wall.

Now for the finished product, a climate controlled wine cellar where you see a beautiful Coto Wine Cellar Door.  This is an insulated wine cellar door with dual-paned glass and operable wrought iron. We manufactured this door in oak and did a custom stain to match their existing cabinets.

Wine Cellar Door for Wine Cellars Dallas Texas

Wine Cellar Door for Wine Cellars Dallas Texas

The wine cellar door also includes an automatic door bottom that drops down and seals the door below when the door is closed.  Here is the close up of the hand-carved grapevine design by one of our third generation wood carvers.

The interior of the climate controlled wine cellar includes a 6-inch solid horizontal display rack on the entire right wall.  The back wall has double deep diamond bins below with the reclaimed wine barrel tabletop.  Above that is a high reveal display row with LED lighting and individual 750 bottle wine racks above.

Mahogany Wine Racks with Horizontal Display Row

Mahogany Wine Racks with Horizontal Display Row

All the wine racks are done in Mahogany with Early American stain and lacquer to give it a furniture finish.  Here you can see that the wine barrel tabletop covers the entire double deep diamond bin below.

Even a magnum bottle will fit into the solid horizontal racks.  A high reveal display row continues from the back wall to the left wall.  The LED lighting above is hidden in a light valance that is built into the wine racks.

The Completed Climate Controlled Wine Cellars

The Completed Climate Controlled Wine Cellars

Here is a close up of one of the cooperage in the cooperage wine barrel tabletop.  This tabletop is made from the tops and bottoms of wine barrels.  Here is another of the cooperage stamps on the left side of the tabletop.

The upper left wall is where we incorporate the wood grill cover and box to match the racks and hide the evaporator coil for the RM 2600 ductless split system.  Below on the left wall is a solid, single deep X-bin.

This wine cellars Dallas Texas renovation from a 200-bottle wine storage room to a 798 bottle climate controlled wine cellar was truly a success.  Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this transformation, complete build out and products by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Check out more wine cellars Dallas Texas projects we completed at this page –

Improved Custom Wine Cellar in McKinney Nr Dallas, Texas

My wine collection is increasing as steady presents of wine from friends and relatives arrive at my doorstep. Previously, my wine bottles were stored in wine storage racks, but as I learn more about wine storage it will be beneficial for my collection to be placed under controlled temperature and humidity levels.

Wine collection is an accidental hobby, but as I have read and collect more about wines I have learned to love it. Loving it leads me to be serious in collecting, considering all aspects of proper storage.

I have a spare room that could be turned into a custom wine cellar. I have decided that a customized wine cellar be built in my home for the storage of my wine bottles. I have saved enough over the past couple of years that I can indulge myself to have a reliable wine cellar builder install all the basic fixtures for a functioning wine cellar.


Features of Lyles Custom Wine Cellar Texas Built by Wine Cellar Specialists

The internet is a great source of information. I have found the website of Wine Cellar Specialists and it seems that this is the one I am looking for. The Lyles in Dallas, Texas chose them to improve the current design of their wine storage room.  They believed that this company would provide their precious vintages a stable environment needed for the graceful aging of wine.

The contractor must remove existing fixtures that will not be part of the new design. Of course, they should also ensure that the Texas residential wine cellar will complement the rest of their client’s house for an improved overall look. The electrical systems must be analyzed and improved, or removed if needed. New outlets and lighting fixtures will be placed.

The lights that must be used are those that do not produce heat as heat will surely destroy the wines. The contractors can add lights that dim. A wine cellar cooling system must be installed to ensure that the ideal wine storage temperature and humidity level are maintained. These are exactly what they did to the Lyle’s Custom Wine Cellar – McKinney Nr Dallas, Texas.

Moreover, to ensure that the temperature is controlled and maintained and for the vapor barrier, Wine Cellar Specialists installed urethane foam on the walls and ceilings. Also, mahogany wine racks were customized to fit the wine cellar, maximizing all the available and viable spaces. A Cooperage tabletop was also installed as an additional feature.

The custom wine cellar door was chosen carefully to match the current cabinets in the bar area. The door is insulated to keep the temperature inside the wine cellar cool. An added feature on the door is the automatic door bottom seal. This is a unique device that drops when the door closes to seal the wine cellar.

As expected, the Lyles were content and thrilled about the new customized wine cellar designed and installed by Wine Cellar Specialists. I know I will be, too, once they start on my spare room. Soon, I will have my dream wine cellar in my home! Visit their website at or call them at 866-646-7089.

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