Custom Wine Cellars Houston Stylish Home Wine Cellar Designs

Custom Wine Cellars Houston (partnered with Wine Cellar Specialists) is composed of a team of designers and installers who have the skills and expertise needed to build unique and high-end residential wine cellars.

Every private home wine cellar that we build truly shows our craftsmanship from the design phase to the installation of your dedicated wine room. Depending on your needs, budget, and personal style, we can create a traditional (using wooden wine racks) or contemporary (using metal wine racks) wine cellar for you.

With us, every detail of your storage requirement is carefully noted and incorporated in the wine cellar design so that not only is your space maximized, but your enjoyment of wine as well.

Check out some of the residential custom wine cellars we’ve completed with pride.


White Rock Lake Dallas, Texas Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar


Built with functionality and modern style, this recently completed wine cellar project in Dallas. TX was constructed with iron and glass. Vintage View Metal wine racks were used, allowing easy viewing of wine labels while creating an elegant look in the wine storage space.

The goal was to keep the cool air from escaping the wine cellar, so the iron used on the doors and windows were insulated and the glass was dual-paned. An HS4600 ducted wine refrigeration system from US Cellar Systems was installed to ensure stability of temperature and humidity in the room.  Click here for more wine cellar cooling options we offer.


Naples, Florida Home Custom Wine Cellar with Wine Barrel Components


Another project we’ve completed was in Bonita Springs, Naples, Florida wherein the wine racks, tabletops, and flooring were constructed from reclaimed wine barrels. The idea of incorporating sustainable products in the wine cellar design has been a favorite of many wine collectors. Wine cellars constructed with wine barrels create uniqueness in the overall look.

In this project, the wine cooling unit used was the CellarPro 6000S which has the ability to control the climate conditions in this elegant Florida home wine cellar. We offer a variety of wine cellar door options and the one we used for this project was a Barolo style custom door to completely seal the wine cellar.

Alongside this Florida custom wine cellar is a tasting room designed with a humidor below a stemware rack standing on the wine barrel flooring. These features added storage space and character to the tasting area.

These are just 2 distinctive wine rooms that we have built. Start your own project today with a FREE wine cellar design by calling Custom Wine Cellars Houston at 866-646-7089. Visit our site at