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Proper Wine Storage Temperature for Texas Wine Cellars

There are wine lovers who collect wine but still don’t know the importance of maintaining the ideal temperature to keep the desirable characteristics of their favorite vintages. Temperature plays a vital role in wine storage, especially if you opt to keep them for a long period of time. In short, temperature can make or break the taste and aroma of your wine.

Knowing this, let us try to answer the question “How important is proper wine storage temperature?”. Whether you are storing your wines in a wine cellar, wine refrigerator, or wine cabinet, constant temperature is the key to enjoying every wine you sip.

One should keep in mind that wines should be kept away from direct sunlight because heat will accelerate aging of wine, damaging the subtle nuance of wine. Also, it is not recommended to store wine in a regular refrigerator for a long time because it does not have the ability to maintain the temperature needed by wine.

Before engaging in a Texas custom wine cellar project, it is important to know the existing temperature in the location of your wine storage. Determine which months are the coldest and the warmest so you will know how you will adjust the temperature in your wine cellar, wine cabinet, or wine refrigerator.

Temperature Stability for Proper Wine Storage

Temperature fluctuation is one thing that should be avoided in long-term storage. If the temperature in your wine cellar is higher than what is needed, oxidation in wine will be accelerated which can cause wine faults.

Additionally, cork may also shrink which will allow air to seep into the wine, affecting its taste and aroma. Although a certain amount of air inside the wine bottle helps in the proper aging process of wine, keep in mind that cork shrinkage results in the transfer of harmful quantities of oxygen. This will cause an imbalance in wine’s sugar, acid, tannins, and color.

Moreover, it is also not good to keep your wines in too cold temperatures because this slows down the aging process. Wine will freeze in very low temperatures, will expand, and will push the cork out, allowing unwanted oxygen to mix with wine.

Take note that red wines should be stored at a temperature between 50 to 55˚F while white wines at around 45˚F. Thus, it is advisable to ensure temperature stability in your wine cellar.

To ensure that your wines are safe and protected, opt for a reliable wine cellar cooling system that can provide them the temperature needed for graceful aging. Whether you have a small or large collection, Wine Cellar Specialists is a wine cellar expert that you can trust. They have everything that you need, including wine cellar cooling units for your residential or commercial wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists aim to provide their customers with great satisfaction because they care about you and your wine collection. Learn more about this company by visiting or you may contact them at 877-497-7263.

Texas Wine Cellars – Know the Benefits of Cork Flooring

Choosing the material for wine cellar flooring is a very crucial decision to make when building a wine cellar. When choosing a material, you have to consider materials that would contribute to the efficiency and beauty of the wine cellar. Of course, you want wine flooring that is easy to install with low maintenance and longevity.

Cork has been associated with wine for thousands of years now, and so far it has done an excellent job. But what is it with cork flooring that makes it a favourite choice of many Texas wine cellar owners?

Cork Wine Cellar Flooring

Why Choose Cork Flooring for Your Texas Wine Cellar?


Cork has been known for its durability. In fact, items made from cork can last for centuries. It possesses natural micro rubber particles that act like crack stoppers, leading to higher absorption of energy.  What makes the cork tough is its ability to survive pressure. Made up of more than 50% air, it always tends to go back to its original shape after it has been pressed.

Shock Absorber

One characteristic that makes cork a great material for your wine cellar flooring is its ability to absorb impact. Made up of millions of air filled cells, it absorbs great impact and provides a cushioning effect. This will serve as a security blanket if a bottle of wine slips from your hand or off the wine storage rack.

Vibration is also one of wine’s worst enemies. When exposed to constant vibration, the natural aging process of wine is expedited, affecting its taste, color, and aroma. The ability of cork flooring to lessen the impact of vibration will make it a perfect solution to combat this issue.

Fire Resistant and Insect Repellent

Unlike wood, cork does not burn very easily when exposed to fire. Once it catches fire, it doesn’t emit hazardous chemicals unlike other flooring materials. Cork flooring naturally repels insects, mold, and microbes because of the waxy substance in it called suberin. This would save money from your pocket because you won’t have to buy expensive insect repellents.


Cork flooring comes in different shapes, colors, and styles which makes it a popular choice for building not only a functional, but also an appealing Texas custom wine cellar. It can be finished according to your personal preference. This flooring option will surely impress your guests because of its luxurious appeal.

The flooring contributes a lot to the overall look your wine cellar. For beautiful, functional, and safe wine cellar flooring, it is best to contact a wine cellar expert such as Wine Cellar Specialists.

They offer the Almada New Traditions Cork Flooring Collection which is certified by Greenguard Children & Schools for indoor air quality. Another benefit of the Almada floor is its easy installation- no glue or nails required.


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Texas Wine Cellar Flooring – 3 Most Popular Choices

Some people think that the wine cellar flooring is not an important aspect of a wine cellar and that any material can be used. The truth is that wine cellar flooring contributes to the proper aging of your wine collection. As we run through this article, we will tackle the things one must know about the function of wine flooring and types of flooring materials commonly installed in wine cellars.

Whether your residential wine cellar is in the basement or in another part of your home, it is vital that you carefully consider your wine cellar flooring requirements during the design process. When choosing a flooring material, one must consider the weight of the bottles, the racks and other cabinets to be placed inside the wine cellar, and of course the location.

The flooring materials of wine cellars constructed in lower levels of a home or building are often installed over concrete. You must keep in mind that the concrete should be sealed and installed with a vapor barrier before laying the flooring materials. Doing so will prevent the flooring material from warping over time and will help maintain a stable temperature and humidity level in the wine cellar.

There are many types of flooring ideally used for custom wine cellars. These are tile, marble, slate, vinyl, wood, cork, and wine barrel. Let’s focus on 3 widely-used flooring materials used in many wine cellars.


3 Most Sought-After Wine Cellar Flooring Materials

WINE CELLAR FLOORING AUG 25One of the most popular and widely available flooring materials used for wine cellars is wood. Hardwood is plain and simple, but with a little creativity you can form great patterns by mixing and matching different finishes for this material. Wood flooring for your wine cellar can be a good conversation piece and is ideal for use if you’re not installing directly onto concrete.

Cork is another well known wine cellar flooring material used by Texas wine cellar builders because of its durability and sustainability.  Cork is a natural insect repellant and is usually treated with Microban to help it become resistant to mold and mildew. A protection system is also applied to cork to prevent wearing due to spills or frequent mopping. It is also known to be a shock absorber because of its cell structure.

Recycling cork is environmental friendly because a whole tree is not cut, only its bark. Aside from this, cork is considered a rapidly renewable resource, thus it is widely available in the market. Easy installation, affordability, and ability to complement any décor are other advantages that make wine cellar cork flooring a good choice for wine collectors!

With its unique characteristics and features, wine barrel flooring is also a good option. It comes from reclaimed oak wine barrels (stave, cooperage or infusion can be used). It can be attached easily on a surface installed with a vapor barrier. This flooring creates uniqueness and a classic look to your Texas wine cellar. It must be installed on a raised foundation or on a sub-floor.

Contact a Trusted Company for Your Wine Cellar Needs

Having read some of the kinds of materials that can be used as wine cellar floorings, you might want to have it made and installed by the experts. The only name that you can trust who can meet any of your wine cellar needs is Wine Cellar Specialists who have been in the business for many years now.

They create Texas custom wine cellars both for residential and commercial purposes. They also offer accessories and other things that you may need for your wine cellar including table tops, ladders for wine rooms, wine barrel carvings, and wine cellar art. If you are looking for a wine storage solution, they have affordable and durable wine racks and wine cabinets that you can choose from.

Wine Cellar Specialists will assure you that the process of creating your precious wine cellar is worry-free. The company will provide you with your own specialist who will assist you in all your wine cellar needs starting from the design phase (or the drafting of the design of your cellar) up to the installation. You can be sure that you are in good hands because Wine Cellar Specialists aim to provide their customers with the best quality at the best price. Visit their website at or call them today at 866-646-7089.

Remember that whatever type of flooring you choose, it must be according to your own preference, budget, and wine storage requirements.