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Wine Racks Texas: Essentials of Wine Storage

 There are two basic kinds of wine collectors. One is he who casually collects and keeps only a few wine bottles, for special occasions. The other is a more serious wine lover, who owns his own residential wine cellar in Dallas, Texas, packed with well-organized wine bottles.

Whether you are the first kind or the second, you need wine racks to make sure that your wines are kept safely and age properly.

Learn more about wine racks by reading through this article.

The Function of Wine Racks in Dallas, Texas 

If you want to make sure that wines are kept safe and are aging properly, you cannot put them in just any shelf. The best places to store wines is in wine racks in Texas. Wine racks make sure that the wine bottles are kept at the right angle, so that the corks remain moist. Corks should never dry out, otherwise they will shrink, and, consequently, air will get into the bottle and ruin the wine.

There are various kinds of wine racks in Dallas, Texas. Some are small, while some are huge. Wine racks can also vary in style, from classic and traditional, to modern and contemporary.

The following are a few of the most popular wine racks today:

1. Hanging Wine Racks in Dallas 

Wine racks are usually constructed to resemble shelves. If you want to have unique wine racks, choose hanging wine racks. This kind of racking showcases a column for shelves that start from the floor and reach the ceiling. All the racks are horizontal or parallel to the ground.

Compared to traditional wine racks, hanging wine racks don’t take a lot of space, because they don’t display wine bottles facing outwards. Hanging wine racks are ideal for those who have small areas and want to maximize their space.

2. Metal Lattice Wine Racks Texas 

Metal lattice wine racks in Dallas, Texas are also a unique choice for wine storage. They are cost-effective and have a simple aesthetic appeal. This kind of wine racking is a set of inter-locking wire shelves. Generally, these come in a kit, so that you can assemble the racking yourself. Another advantage of this kind of wine racks is that they are easy to move around.

3. Stackable Wine Racks Dallas, Texas 

Custom wine racks in Texas are an awesome choice for wine storage, but if you would prefer a more affordable wine storage solution, you might want to consider having stackable wine racks. This type of wine racking can be modified to fit your space more efficiently than a wine racking kit. Stackable wine rack sets come in various options. There are different kinds of wooden finishes, as well as varied styles that you can mix and match to fit into your available space.

Proper Wine Storage Temperature for Texas Wine Cellars

There are wine lovers who collect wine but still don’t know the importance of maintaining the ideal temperature to keep the desirable characteristics of their favorite vintages. Temperature plays a vital role in wine storage, especially if you opt to keep them for a long period of time. In short, temperature can make or break the taste and aroma of your wine.

Knowing this, let us try to answer the question “How important is proper wine storage temperature?”. Whether you are storing your wines in a wine cellar, wine refrigerator, or wine cabinet, constant temperature is the key to enjoying every wine you sip.

One should keep in mind that wines should be kept away from direct sunlight because heat will accelerate aging of wine, damaging the subtle nuance of wine. Also, it is not recommended to store wine in a regular refrigerator for a long time because it does not have the ability to maintain the temperature needed by wine.

Before engaging in a Texas custom wine cellar project, it is important to know the existing temperature in the location of your wine storage. Determine which months are the coldest and the warmest so you will know how you will adjust the temperature in your wine cellar, wine cabinet, or wine refrigerator.

Temperature Stability for Proper Wine Storage

Temperature fluctuation is one thing that should be avoided in long-term storage. If the temperature in your wine cellar is higher than what is needed, oxidation in wine will be accelerated which can cause wine faults.

Additionally, cork may also shrink which will allow air to seep into the wine, affecting its taste and aroma. Although a certain amount of air inside the wine bottle helps in the proper aging process of wine, keep in mind that cork shrinkage results in the transfer of harmful quantities of oxygen. This will cause an imbalance in wine’s sugar, acid, tannins, and color.

Moreover, it is also not good to keep your wines in too cold temperatures because this slows down the aging process. Wine will freeze in very low temperatures, will expand, and will push the cork out, allowing unwanted oxygen to mix with wine.

Take note that red wines should be stored at a temperature between 50 to 55˚F while white wines at around 45˚F. Thus, it is advisable to ensure temperature stability in your wine cellar.

To ensure that your wines are safe and protected, opt for a reliable wine cellar cooling system that can provide them the temperature needed for graceful aging. Whether you have a small or large collection, Wine Cellar Specialists is a wine cellar expert that you can trust. They have everything that you need, including wine cellar cooling units for your residential or commercial wine cellar.

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