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Space Constraints Did Not Stop an Expert from Building a Stylish Home Wine Cellar in Texas

It’s not impossible to build a beautiful and functional display of your favorite wines in a limited space. In many parts of the world, converting tiny spaces is a trend among homeowners. Learn how one of the trusted wine room builders in Texas converted a small room into a stunning home wine cellar

A Sophisticated and Functional Texas Home Wine Cellar Installed in a Tiny Space in Texas

Doorway of Wine Room Showing Wine Barrel Flooring and Wood Racking

Grapevine Home Wine Cellar in Texas

Space constraints should not hinder you from investing in a functional and stylish storage space for your wine collection. Since there are special requirements in wine cellar construction, hiring a master builder can help you achieve all your aesthetic and functional desires for your wine room.

A client in Texas was looking for a reliable wine cellar designer and installer who could provide the best storage solution according to the space available.

They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted partners in building custom wine cellars in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Their creative and experienced team members always do their best to create stellar wine displays for their client’s collection. They also ensure that every wine cellar they build is equipped with the most suitable components to keep wine safe at all times.

A Stylish Wine Cellar Design with Great Features

In this project, high quality racking, wine cooling system, door, and flooring were used. The overall design of the wine room enhanced the beauty of the client’s home.

The Wine Rack System Designed with Creativity and Manufactured from Quality Wood

One of the most important factors that play an important role in the overall appeal of your wine cellar is the design of the wine racks. Before the construction of your wine room begins, Wine Cellar Specialists make an assessment that will allow them to create the perfect racking design for your wine storage facility.

In this project, they used premium redwood for the wine racks. Known for its attractive streaks and swirls, this type of wood can add character to any Texas home wine cellar.

Texas home wine cellar wine racksAs you enter the room, you will see a window to the owner’s kitchen area. They added two quarter-round units on each side of the window. Quarter round wine racks allow for horizontal bottle storage. These units can also be used to display other wine cellar accessories, such as decanters and wine glasses.

Below the window is a reclaimed wine barrel tabletop, an eco-friendly feature of the wine cellar.  It is where the quarter-round storage units sit. Other racking components in the left wall include the individual bottle racks at the top and bottom sections, and a double display row in the middle.

The right wall also has individual storage slots at the top and bottom of the racking, and a double display row at the middle section. There are two bin storage cases on each side of the room.

Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated special features at the back wall. The bottom section is double deep solid bin wine racking with two drawers on top of it. The drawers come with automatic closure hardware and grapevine handle pulls. On top of these drawers is another tabletop made from reclaimed wine barrels.

The focal point of the wine room is the arch that sits on the tabletop at the back wall. Just like the drawers, the arch also has a hand carved grapevine design. A glass rack and an individual magnum bottle column were added on each side of the arch.

Wine Cellar Specialists also added the tumbled marble tile behind the arch, an eye-catching feature of this Texas home wine cellar.

The Elegant Door Designed to Match the Racking

4. Custom Grapevine Carved Door in Colleyville, Texas Wine Room

Wine Cellar Door

The wine cellar door was constructed from solid wood with a window on the top half. Outside the glass window is an operable wrought iron with a grapevine design that matches the racking.

The entryway is equipped with an automatic door bottom to prevent the cool air from escaping the cellar, and the warm air from getting in the wine room.

It seals the gap under the door when the door is closed. With quality material and proper sealing components, your wine cellar entryway can help your wine cooling system achieve the stable environment needed for the proper aging of wine.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring – a Green Feature of the Texas Home Wine Cellar

Another green feature of this small wine room is the flooring created from used wine barrels. Wine Cellar Specialists have used this material in many of their residential wine cellar installation projects in Texas.

The top and bottom section of the reclaimed barrels were broken into planks and were engineered to create impressive flooring for the client’s cellar.

Texas Wine Barrel Flooring by Wine Cellar Specialists

Cooperage Wine Cellar Flooring

This is called Cooperage flooring, which adds a historic touch to the room because of the unique markings. The markings on the planks came from the vineyards where the barrels were used.

Just like the door, walls, and ceiling, Wine Cellar Specialists installed proper insulation to the flooring. This will help create an airtight seal in the wine room, protecting their client’s collection from being ruined by unstable temperatures and humidity levels.

Going for reclaimed wine barrel flooring in your next project will not only benefit you, but our environment as well.

The Climate-Control System That Suits the Client’s Needs

The most important factor that contributes to proper wine storage is the wine cooling system. Your chosen builder must be able to determine the type and capacity of the refrigeration unit that best suits your wine cellar requirements.Wine Guardian Cooling Unit in Attic

Wine Cellar Specialists selected a self-contained cooling system manufactured by Wine Guardian. To minimize the noise produced by the cooling equipment, they installed it in an air-conditioned attic above the wine room. In addition, the cooling unit did not take up racking space, allowing for maximum storage capacity.

View other wine cooling solutions offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Convert Your Small Space into an Attractive Wine Room

Space constraints should not stop you from building your own Texas home wine cellar. If you need help, please email Wine Cellar Specialists at or talk to a specialist at +1 (866) 646-7089.



Wine Cellar Design Houston Texas with Kessick Wine Racks

KED stands for Kessick Estate Design, a set of wine rack modular designs created by the people behind Wine Cellar Specialists. This is a four-group pre-designed wine rack that allows the client to choose the width and wine rack options such as diamond bins, wine glass holders, magnum bottle slots, LED lighting, and others.

Features of the Kessick Modular Wine Racks Houston Texas

KED-1 features: glass rack, tabletop, high reveal display row, diamond bins, individual bottle storage, optional lighting, optional side panels, and optional back panel.

KED1 Kessick Wine Rack

KED-2 features: archway, tabletop, high reveal display row, diamond bins, individual bottle storage, bulk bin and/or case wine storage, optional lighting, optional side panels, and optional back panel.

KED2 Kessick Wine Rack

KED2 Kessick Wine Rack

KED-3 features: archway, tabletop, high reveal display row, diamond bins, individual bottle storage, optional lighting, optional side panels, and optional back panel.

KED3 Kessick Wine Rack

KED3 Kessick Wine Rack

KED-4 features: archway, glass rack, tabletop, high reveal display row, diamond bins, individual bottle storage, magnum storage, bulk bin and/or case storage, optional lighting, optional side panels, and optional back panel.

KED4 Kessick Wine Rack

KED4 Kessick Wine Rack

All the wine racks in the KED module are 84.75” high and 12” deep. In each KED group, there are 8 width sizes available. For KED-1, the available widths are: 44, 52, 60, 72, 88, 96, and 108 inches.

For KED-2 and KED-3, the available widths are 48, 56, 64, 76, 84, 92, 100, and 112 inches. For KED-4, the available widths are 56, 64, 72, 84, 92, 100, 108, and 120 inches. If the client chooses KED-492, it simply means that the chosen module design group is KED 4 with 92” width.

The central module is standard and will expand from the middle outwards, depending on the width preferred by the client. All modules have diamond bins for bulk storage.

All have tabletops with designs that vary depending on the KED module. For example, KED 2, 3, and 4 have archways, KED 1 does not.

Wine Rack Material and Options

WCS2 JAN 26The modular wine rack is made of Sapele mahogany, a wood species that is resistant to moisture and mildew. This is a quality material that is durable and can withstand the cool environment inside the wine cellars of Houston, Texas and can carry the weight of the wine bottles. The client can choose options like lacquer finish, LED wine cellar lighting, side panels, and back panel.

The Kessick modular wine racking system is truly an amazing option as this almost gives the client a free hand in choosing from varied designs and size, depending on the area of his wine cellar and the kinds of wine bottles he collects and stores.

The KED modules are shipped fully assembled with a complete installation package. Shipping fee will depend on the destination. Call Wine Cellar Specialists +1 866 646 7089 for inquiries or click here to request a 3D wine cellar design for FREE!


Custom Wine Cellars in Texas & Proper Wine Storage Essentials

Wines are a few of the many beverages that require specific conditions in order to preserve their quality. Hundreds of years ago, people stored wines in caves and in underground cellars because wines need a cold, dark and humid atmosphere in which to age properly.

Today, caves and underground cellars are no longer very common. Wine collectors and wine enthusiasts have residential custom wine cellars in Houston, Texas constructed to store their wines. If you are planning to have a wine storage room built, you must learn these essentials of proper wine storage:

1. Temperature & Humidity in the Custom Wine Cellar

Wines need a cool and moist environment in order to mature properly. Heat is one of the primary enemies of wine, because it causes premature aging and thereby ruins the wine’s flavor. The ideal temperature for wine storage is approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, adequate moisture is required for proper wine storage, in order to prevent the corks from shrinking and consequently causing oxidation, which ruins the flavor of wine. Ideally, a custom wine cellar in Houston, Texas should have a humidity level within 65% to 75%. The temperature and humidity level in a residential wine cellar in Texas should be consistent, because constant fluctuations can also damage your wines.

2. Residential Wine Cellar Lighting

Have you noticed that wine bottles are generally dark colored? This is because the glass used in most wine bottles has UV filters incorporated in it. Wine can be ruined if exposed to direct light. In relation to this, residential wine cellars in Texas should also be dark inside, away from direct sunlight. The lighting inside should also emit little heat. Carefully choose the lighting you install in your custom wine cellar. LED lights are the most ideal custom wine cellar lighting.

3. Minimal Vibration in the Custom Wine Racks

It seems very common for people to keep their wines on top of their refrigerators. Perhaps it’s because of the convenience of the location. But what people do not know is that the top of a refrigerator is one of the worst places to keep wines. Wines are not only exposed to heat and direct light in that location, but also to constant vibration from the fridge itself. Constant vibration can ruin wine, because it agitates it and prevents the sediment from settling. Have your wines stored in custom wine racks in Houston, Texas, that protect them from constant vibration.

4. Wine Racks that Keep Wines Stored Sideways

There are different kinds of wine racks in Texas. Choose wine racks that allow you to store your wines horizontally. Wine bottles need to be kept on their side so that the corks are always in contact with the wine. This prevents the corks from shrinking, which would otherwise lead to oxidation. Oxidation causes wine to taste like rust.

5. Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Installed Properly

To achieve the ideal temperature and humidity inside your residential custom wine cellar in Houston, you need to have a wine cellar cooling system installed. There are various kinds of wine cellar refrigeration systems on the market. Make sure you choose the right kind for your home wine cellar in Houston, Texas, by having a professional HVAC installer calculate the heat load within your wine storage room.

Oak Barrel Custom Wine Racks for Houston Wine Cellars

WINE BARRELWine barrels are the big, round containers used in fermenting and aging wine. Vineyards place the wines here to enhance the flavor of the grapes before the wine is bottled, labeled, and shipped to distributors. They are usually reused over a number of years until they can no longer hold wine. Since these barrels are made of fine wood that is resistant to mold and mildew, they are recycled to be used again in another form.

Oak Barrel Countertop

Recycling the oak wine barrels can be good for the environment as fewer trees will be cut. The used oak wine barrels also add character to the new creation. They also emit the aromatic smell of wine imprinted on the insides of the staves.

The ends of the barrel can be used as artwork displayed in Houston custom wine cellars or anywhere on the walls of the home. A design or insignia can be painted on the end of a barrel and can be a conversation piece. Any design can be painted on it depending on the owner’s preference.

The staves of the barrel can also be used for different purposes. Some artisans have transformed the staves into a seat/bench, candle holder, serving trays/plates, swing, countertops, and wine racks to name a few.

Wine Barrel Custom Wine Racks are Unique and Durable

 If you are the type of collector who wants to have unique but environment friendly accessories for your wine cellar, used oak barrels can be your ideal wood. Not only are oak barrels  durable and mold resistant, they can also be transformed into many things.

Some wine collectors will want their favorite wines to be showcased apart from the other bottles. Wine racks made from oak barrels are a special spot.

Build a Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar Contact Wine Cellar Specialists Today 866-646-7089

Wine barrel wine racks are a creative way to house hundreds of wine bottles in Houston custom wine rooms. The craftsmanship of the builder is a big factor to achieving this.

One must be creative in transforming the staves into wine racks to protect the bottles and the labels. A color finish can be painted on the staves depending on the owner’s preference, or it can be left as is for a more authentic feel.

The staves are where the stamped name of the winery can still be seen. Many collectors who use oak barrels leave the stamps and make it a part of the wine rack design.

Some prefer not to use any finish to retain the natural scent of the wine which emanates from the oak barrel staves. The longer the oak barrels were used for aging wine, the stronger the scent of the wine aged in it.

Building a custom wine cellar together with the wine racks and other accessories need not be expensive as one can make use of recycled oak wine barrels. These are durable, easily transformed into many things, and affordable. Unnecessary expense can be eliminated or minimized.

If you’re planning to build your wine cellar and want quality reclaimed wine barrel racking, Wine Cellar Specialists Houston is the trusted name. Contact them now at 866-646-7089. Check out the wine barrel wine racks they’ve constructed at