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How a Tiny Space Under the Stairs was Transformed into an Elegant Texas Home Wine Cellar

If you are a homeowner who is serious about wine collecting, you must find a place where you can store and display your prized wines safely and beautifully. What if you don’t have a big room for your wine cellar project? See how a master builder converted a tiny room under the stairs into an impressive custom wine cellar in Texas

An Odd-Shaped Room Under the Stairs was Transformed into a Beautiful Wine Cellar

Texas Racking Design Curved Racks with Led Lighted Wine Cellar Display

Texas Racking Design Curved Racks with Led Lighted Wine Cellar Display

Some wine collectors are having a dilemma finding a suitable place for their prized collection. Nowadays, master builders can transform a room of any size and shape into a magnificent wine storage space.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our partners in wine room construction, has been providing innovative storage solutions in Texas and Chicago. They are known for their creativity, quality products, and excellent service.

Recently, they created a perfect wine room design for a homeowner in Dallas.

Impressive Wine Cellar Design for a Tiny and Odd-Shaped Room

Challenges are a common part of building a wine storage area. With extensive experience as a wine cellar building company, Wine Cellar Specialists often converts irregular spaces into elegant wine displays.

With this project, Wine Cellar Specialists had to convert a space under the staircase into a stunning home wine cellar. The room was small and had a curved shape. This did not hinder them from building a functional and attractive custom wine room.

They incorporated eye-catching styles of racking into the design using high quality and gorgeous wood materials. They installed an efficient wine cellar cooling system to ensure that the perfect environment is achieved for proper wine aging.

Custom Wine Rack Features

Your racking design plays a major role in creating an attention-grabbing wine display. The type of wine rack material is also important as it affects the quality and appeal of your cellar.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they take a careful assessment before creating 3-dimensional drawings of their client’s wine room. This helps them determine the features that will be incorporated into the wine cellar design according to the shape and size of the room, budget, and the client’s personal preference.

Texas Residential Custom Wine Cellar Rack Front Elevation

Texas Residential Custom Wine Cellar Rack Front Elevation

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Drawing Isometric Front View

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Drawing Isometric Front View

Left Wall (Elevation A)

Grill Cover Hides the Split Cooling System Texas Wine Cellar

Wooden Grill Cover Hides the Split Cooling System Texas Wine Cellar

When you enter the wine room, the wall to your left consists of a short racking. It is 3.7 feet in height, with a solid X bin at the bottom and individual bottle storage rack above it.

A tabletop was added to provide space for decanting and serving wine. It is a Cooperage style tabletop, which was made from planks taken from the outer portion of wine barrel’s head. Since no two barrels have the same markings on the head, each plank is unique. The markings indicate the original content of each barrel.

The space above the left wall wine rack was intended for the cooling unit, which was concealed in a wooden grill to make it look a part of the racking.

Back Wall (Elevation B)

Knotty Alder Racking Right End Wall Texas Home Wine Cellar

Knotty Alder Racking Right End Wall Texas Home Wine Cellar

The back wall is the long and curved area of the Texas home wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists installed true radius wine racks with storage slots for 750 ml bottles.

There is a high reveal display row that runs along the middle section. It allows the owner to showcase some of his favorite wines at a 15-degree angle.

This bottle orientation will ensure that the cork remains in contact with the wine to prevent it from becoming brittle. The drying out of the cork can cause wine oxidation, resulting in unpleasant flavors in the wine.

The display row is illuminated by LED ribbon lighting. LED lights are known to be safe for your wines because they have low heat emission. Too much heat exposure can alter wine’s chemical properties, resulting in spoilage.

The LED lighting system also consumes less energy compared to regular bulbs, so you can expect lower electric bills.

Right Wall (Elevation C)

The shortest wine rack was installed on the right end wall of this Texas home wine cellar under the stairs. It has a height of 3.25 feet. The top section consists of a horizontal display rack for one magnum bottle or two standard bottles. The bottom section has three wood case solid bins for bulk storage.

Gorgeous and Durable Wood Material for Wine Racks

Wine racks manufactured from wood add a classic appeal to your wine cellar. The type of wood chosen can easily match any existing décor in your home, making it a favorite choice of wine collectors. With various wood options available, it is best to seek the help of a wine storage expert, like Wine Cellar Specialists.

Reclaimed wine barrel cellar tabletop Texas master builders

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Cellar Tabletop Texas Master Builders

On this project, they used Knotty Alder to add a rustic touch to the wine cellar. This type of wood exhibits small knots and attractive burl clusters that add character to the storage racks.

Additionally, Knotty Alder is durable, versatile, and highly resistant to rot.

The client requested the wooden wine racks to be applied with lacquer for a lustrous finish.

Ideal Wine Cellar Cooling System for a Tiny Space in a Texas Home

WM Cooling Unit Texas Home Wine Cellar Project

WM Cooling Unit Texas Home Wine Cellar Project

You can’t just use a home air conditioner to cool your wine room. It is not designed to create the optimum conditions needed by wine to preserve its complex taste and aroma.

To prevent wine deterioration, it needs to be stored in a room where the temperature is between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level between 60-70 percent. This can be achieved only if an efficient wine refrigeration system is installed in your wine cellar.

A ductless split wine cooling unit from US Cellar Systems was used for this project. With this type of cooling equipment, the condenser is placed outdoors and must be covered with a housing to protect it from weather conditions.

This manufacturer has been providing reliable cooling solutions both for residential and commercial applications.

See more types and brands of refrigeration systems offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

A Small Room Can Provide a Space for Your Dream Wine Room

With expertise and creativity, Wine Cellar Specialists Texas can build a stunning wine display area for your collection, even in a small space. What are you waiting for? Contact them today at +1 (972) 454-0480.


Space Constraints Did Not Stop an Expert from Building a Stylish Home Wine Cellar in Texas

It’s not impossible to build a beautiful and functional display of your favorite wines in a limited space. In many parts of the world, converting tiny spaces is a trend among homeowners. Learn how one of the trusted wine room builders in Texas converted a small room into a stunning home wine cellar

A Sophisticated and Functional Texas Home Wine Cellar Installed in a Tiny Space in Texas

Doorway of Wine Room Showing Wine Barrel Flooring and Wood Racking

Grapevine Home Wine Cellar in Texas

Space constraints should not hinder you from investing in a functional and stylish storage space for your wine collection. Since there are special requirements in wine cellar construction, hiring a master builder can help you achieve all your aesthetic and functional desires for your wine room.

A client in Texas was looking for a reliable wine cellar designer and installer who could provide the best storage solution according to the space available.

They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted partners in building custom wine cellars in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Their creative and experienced team members always do their best to create stellar wine displays for their client’s collection. They also ensure that every wine cellar they build is equipped with the most suitable components to keep wine safe at all times.

A Stylish Wine Cellar Design with Great Features

In this project, high quality racking, wine cooling system, door, and flooring were used. The overall design of the wine room enhanced the beauty of the client’s home.

The Wine Rack System Designed with Creativity and Manufactured from Quality Wood

One of the most important factors that play an important role in the overall appeal of your wine cellar is the design of the wine racks. Before the construction of your wine room begins, Wine Cellar Specialists make an assessment that will allow them to create the perfect racking design for your wine storage facility.

In this project, they used premium redwood for the wine racks. Known for its attractive streaks and swirls, this type of wood can add character to any Texas home wine cellar.

Texas home wine cellar wine racksAs you enter the room, you will see a window to the owner’s kitchen area. They added two quarter-round units on each side of the window. Quarter round wine racks allow for horizontal bottle storage. These units can also be used to display other wine cellar accessories, such as decanters and wine glasses.

Below the window is a reclaimed wine barrel tabletop, an eco-friendly feature of the wine cellar.  It is where the quarter-round storage units sit. Other racking components in the left wall include the individual bottle racks at the top and bottom sections, and a double display row in the middle.

The right wall also has individual storage slots at the top and bottom of the racking, and a double display row at the middle section. There are two bin storage cases on each side of the room.

Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated special features at the back wall. The bottom section is double deep solid bin wine racking with two drawers on top of it. The drawers come with automatic closure hardware and grapevine handle pulls. On top of these drawers is another tabletop made from reclaimed wine barrels.

The focal point of the wine room is the arch that sits on the tabletop at the back wall. Just like the drawers, the arch also has a hand carved grapevine design. A glass rack and an individual magnum bottle column were added on each side of the arch.

Wine Cellar Specialists also added the tumbled marble tile behind the arch, an eye-catching feature of this Texas home wine cellar.

The Elegant Door Designed to Match the Racking

4. Custom Grapevine Carved Door in Colleyville, Texas Wine Room

Wine Cellar Door

The wine cellar door was constructed from solid wood with a window on the top half. Outside the glass window is an operable wrought iron with a grapevine design that matches the racking.

The entryway is equipped with an automatic door bottom to prevent the cool air from escaping the cellar, and the warm air from getting in the wine room.

It seals the gap under the door when the door is closed. With quality material and proper sealing components, your wine cellar entryway can help your wine cooling system achieve the stable environment needed for the proper aging of wine.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring – a Green Feature of the Texas Home Wine Cellar

Another green feature of this small wine room is the flooring created from used wine barrels. Wine Cellar Specialists have used this material in many of their residential wine cellar installation projects in Texas.

The top and bottom section of the reclaimed barrels were broken into planks and were engineered to create impressive flooring for the client’s cellar.

Texas Wine Barrel Flooring by Wine Cellar Specialists

Cooperage Wine Cellar Flooring

This is called Cooperage flooring, which adds a historic touch to the room because of the unique markings. The markings on the planks came from the vineyards where the barrels were used.

Just like the door, walls, and ceiling, Wine Cellar Specialists installed proper insulation to the flooring. This will help create an airtight seal in the wine room, protecting their client’s collection from being ruined by unstable temperatures and humidity levels.

Going for reclaimed wine barrel flooring in your next project will not only benefit you, but our environment as well.

The Climate-Control System That Suits the Client’s Needs

The most important factor that contributes to proper wine storage is the wine cooling system. Your chosen builder must be able to determine the type and capacity of the refrigeration unit that best suits your wine cellar requirements.Wine Guardian Cooling Unit in Attic

Wine Cellar Specialists selected a self-contained cooling system manufactured by Wine Guardian. To minimize the noise produced by the cooling equipment, they installed it in an air-conditioned attic above the wine room. In addition, the cooling unit did not take up racking space, allowing for maximum storage capacity.

View other wine cooling solutions offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Convert Your Small Space into an Attractive Wine Room

Space constraints should not stop you from building your own Texas home wine cellar. If you need help, please email Wine Cellar Specialists at or talk to a specialist at +1 (866) 646-7089.